Doroob Logistics & Marine Services International LLC

Doroob Logistics & Marine Services International LLC, is a subsidiary of Nasser Al Naaimi Group , was established in 2019, is an International Freight Forwarder , Marine and logistics solutions provider dedicated to providing a complete range of freight services required to move any cargo regardless of its nature and size by Air, Land and Sea. With our extensive network of agents, we aim to provide efficient, reliable, accurate, low cost yet high satisfaction solution in meeting your logistics needs. To grow into an international, world-renowned and top-class shipping company always practicing sound and professional business policies and providing cost-effective shipping solutions.
  • Rejuvenate the Omani maritime tradition through modern shipping solution.
  • Aid the diversification of Oman’s economy.
  • Supporting to enhance Oman Port facilities with modern technologies and solution.
  • Develop an internal Shipping fleet for global trade.
  • Create Opportunities for National’s and residents through professional education and training. Doroob Logistics & Marine Services International LLC is a subsidiary of Nasser Al Naaimi Group was established in 2019.
The company is involved in ship brokering, ship operating, ship management, trucking, bunkering, offshore support, and all related marine activities. For this purpose, the company is in process of adding fleet to meet the market requirements to do global trade. Due to our constantly thrive for professional operations and teamwork makes our visions revolve around our formula for success and development of infrastructure to expand our services with various activities

Business Excellence Policy

Our dedication to excellence and continuous improvement is demonstrated through our commitment of resources to innovation and learning. Through our Business Management System, we deliver benefits to our customer, colleagues, business partners, owners and society by listening, building loyalty and developing mutually beneficial relationships.

Our success and sustainability is achieved by
  • Taking customers our first priority and striving constantly to exceed their expectations
  • Applying our Hallmarks, Guiding Principles and Core Standards in our day-to-day activities
  • Leading by example and role-modeling a culture of excellence in everything we do
  • Providing consistently superior and innovative products and services

Our Mission

Doroob’s aim is to grow with the growth of its customers.

Our Vision

Doroob’s Vision is to be one stop shop for providing all variety of logistic services to its customers across the globe.

Our Value


We act with honesty and sincerity in everything we do. We say what we mean, do what we say and build confidence in our team.


We work towards common goals through open communication, mutual support and win-win attitudes. We respect our differences and build upon our strengths solution for your service


We ensure that people's individual needs and successes are supported and recognized


We are open minded, challenging conventional thinking, improving our processes and implementing new ideas faster than our competitors.

Continuous Growth

We provide an environment where our colleagues and our business can flourish and grow.

People Focus

We focus on our colleagues, customers and business associates and they acknowledge us as preferred partners.

Doroob Logistics

Doroob aim is to grow from strength to strength & achieve a great deal of success under the great visionary leadership of its management. Sincere efforts, sheer dedication & performance combined with the wealth of our knowledge, experience, expertise & our transparent communication with our customers has remained our key of success.

24/7 Support

Cost effective solution for your service.

Security of packages

Doroob logistics assures the safety of cargo and clearance of shipments throughout the delivery process.

We have permissions

Our efficient team takes care of all documentation mandatory to export or import goods so that the customer does not have to worry about any customs related problems.

Delivery on time

We  ensure that all potential shipping hazards are removed and the cargo is delivered safely and effectively.