Doroob Logistics & Marine Services International LLC


Offshore projects Support

  • Supply of Marine units (Tugs, Barges, Landing Crafts, Passenger Boats, Pilot boats and heavy equipment and spares)
  • Bunker & Lubricant Supply
  • Marine Lube Oil
  • Sludge Removals
  • Ship chandelling
  • Stevedoring Jobs with skilled workers for discharging/loading operations at ports.
  • Under water Jobs

Under Water Jobs and Hull Cleaning

We provide Underwater Ship Hull Cleaning services in all Omani ports. Hull cleaning optimize vessel performance and increase the fuel efficiency. Hull cleaning increase the hydrodynamic performance, speed, power performance and fuel consumption. We provide proper hull cleaning without any damage the coating or cause any increased surface roughness. Underwater ship cleaning is performed by our experienced professional team of divers. We offer the complete solution of ship marine services, hull removal and ship maintenance.

Offshore Marine Services.

We strongly support Offshore operations – at sea, onshore and alongside. With decades of experience in the oil and gas industry, Doroob Logistics has the sound knowledge to make sure all in line with your operations. We provide all your needs from under one roof to meet the demand for offshore support with precision in planning and execution. Due to proficiency in planning and executions, our wide-ranging services cater to customers engaged in various stages of offshore activities. Our Services include crew transportation, delivery of supplies and provisions, sludge removal, bunker supply and more. We also provide ship agency services for rigs and offshore vessels and can arrange all the required work permissions and visas for crew members.

Bunker & Lubricant Supply

Since 2003 we have been supplying high-quality fuel and petroleum products for marine vessels for the largest shipping companies and ferry services in the Sultanate. We are able to offer our services on all Omani ports. Also sea bunkering in Gulf of Oman and Arabian Gulf for supporting vessels in emergency situation after declaring the fact with authorities and subject to getting special permissions. In addition to above services, Oman Engine Oil Factory LLC Company (OEFL) is a subsidiary of Nasser Al Naaimi are the leading manufacturer of lubricants in the Sultanate of Oman. We supply all types of Lube Oils to satisfy your Vessel needs. Moreover, we provide highly professional logistics arrangements to deliver the fuel just in time to our customers.